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- First public appearances
- Radio entertainer
- The legendary Tórshavn Jazz Club
- First jazz record ever recorded in the Faroes
- Elin has contributed to several albums
- A musical / theatre performer
- The two man pop band Nalja
- Elin’s most popular song
- Elin & Kári go their separate ways
- A musical come-back
- A few words about the origin of the cd yndisløg / treasured songs

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Elin Brimheim Heinesen

… was born in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, in 1958. This Biography is about Elin’s carreer as an amateur musician. To read more about her professional carrer, click here.

Elin is a Faroese singer and songwriter, who has been on and off the musical scene on the Faroe Islands since the seventies. She is a soloist but has performed with several other artists from time to time – the cowork with Faroese composer/producer Kári Jacobsen being the most well known, with whom she published their debut album Nalja in 1988. Though she hasn’t been very productive as a composer her published music has none the less been very well received and popular in her home land.

First public appearances

The first time the public ever heard Elin sing was when she was 6 years old. She sang a Faroese children’s song – “Nú fiskur er á grunninum” by Hans Andrias Djurhuus – in a children’s programme on the Faroese public radio station. But her first real public appearance on stage as a singer was when she was 16 years old in a play at the theatre in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, where she sang a Faroese version of the song “Streets of London” by Ralph McTell translated or rewritten by herself, which became popular and has been recorded with her lyrics by various other Faroese bands a couple of times since then.

Radio entertainer

After this performance she was asked to participate in a live radio entertainment show called “V4″ in the Faroese public radio. She became well known by the Faroese public these years, because she toured the Faroe Islands with the other performers on the radio show and was heard singing on the radio every Saturday evening in the wintertime for almost three years. It’s worth to mention that there was no TV on the Faroe Islands these years – not until 1981 – so everybody listened to the radio.

The legendary Tórshavn Jazz Club

In the late seventies Elin was involved in forming the first Jazz Club in Tórshavn – a legendary club, which not only presented jazz but all kinds of rhythmic music. The jazz club became a reknown place many Faroese musicians still remember with gratitude because it offered them an opportunity to play and listen to music never heard live before in Tórshavn. Furthermore several foreign bands and musicians were invited to the Faroe Islands to play at the jazz club, which was very inspiring for Faroese musicians.

At that time Elin played music with some of her classmates – Ívar Bærentsen, guitar, and Bergur Hansen, flute – she sang and played the piano herself. She also began composing her own music mostly in folk tradition with inspiration from jazz and blues, and performed several times in the jazz club – also with other musicians.

First jazz record ever recorded in the Faroe Islands

Elin appeared in 1977 on the first jazz LP ever made in the Faroe Islands “Jazz í Føroyum 1″ (TUTL HJF 1) on the track “Hundasjúku blues” (Hangover blues) composed by Kristian Blak, which is one of the songs that has stayed the longest ever on the Top 15 hit list in the Faroe Islands (aprx. 20 weeks). The album was recorded in the legendary Faroese music producer Milson Zachariassen’s studio in his cellar.

The same year (1977) Elin appeared on a record for children “Nu ska’ vi u å sejle” [TUTL HJF 3] 1977 with the band Kræklingar and others with music made by Kristian Blak. She sang Girafsangen (“The Giraf Song”)

In the summer of 1977 Elin went on tour in Scotland, Orkneys and Shetland where she was a part of a group of Faroese folk dancers and a folk band. She also performed on stage herself with guitar player Ívar Bærentsen and bass player Kolbein Simonsen and sang some of her own songs and some of Ívar Bærentsens songs. The concerts were popular especially in Orkney and Shetland where all tickets were sold out at all the concerts .

Elin has contributed to several albums

Since then Elin has participated as a singer (mostly as backing choir) on several music album recordings with various artists. The best known album is “Blátt” by Jákup Marner Antoniussen, where she – among other songs – sang duet with Jákup Marner in the hit song “Tú og eg”.

Another duet song also became a hit on the Faroe Islands – “Meg minnist eina mynd” by Hans Andrias Djurhuus, which Elin sang together with Jógvan Telling.

She also sang choir on the hit song “Lítli fuglur” by Anfinn T. Hansen.

Elin has also sung several popular childrens songs on the Faroese public radio.

In the mid-eighties she was living in Århus in Denmark – for a short while she sang and played keyboards in a heavy rock band with the brothers Kaj & Karl Anton Klein a.o. and participated on a recording (published as MC) with them.

Elin also conducted a small Faroese choir in Århus at the same time -and a little a capella quartet.

A musical / theatre performer

In the early eighties Elin performed as a singer in the music theatre play “Seymistovan” which played for full houses more than forty times.

She appeared singing on a theatre stage again in 1993, where she played a role in “Glataðu Spælimenninir” (The Lost Musicians) based on the novel of the same title by Faroese famous author William Heinesen. This took place at the Nordic House in Tórshavn.

The two man pop band NALJA

In 1984 Elin and Faroese composer/producer Kári Jacobsen met at a party. Elin was 26 years old at the time, and Kári only 16! Even though they were ten years apart and came from very different musical backgrounds, they found out that their chemistry was perfect.

Shortly after they formed a two man pop band “Elin & Kári”, and in the summer of 1988 they published an album on music cassette called “Nalja” on the Faroe Islands. They wrote, composed and arranged all the music themselves, but Faroese legendary music producer, Óli Poulsen, helped them produce the album.

There were 10 tracks on the album. 5 by Kári Jacobsen and 5 by Elin Heinesen. Here are samples of the 10 tracks on Nalja:

“Á, tann deiliga Havn” by Kári Jacobsen:

“Sjeikurin” by Elin Heinesen:

“Loyndarmálið” by Elin Heinesen:

“Hygg at mær” by Kári Jacobsen:

“Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð” by Elin Heinesen:

“Ansa eftir” by Kári Jacobsen:

“Livandi ljós” by Kári Jacobsen

“Eydnan” by Elin Heinesen:

“Øgiliga væl” by Elin Heinesen:

“Aftaná” by Kári Jacobsen:

All the tracks – more or less – have been hit songs, and have gotten a lot of airplay on Faroese radio stations. And still do. Every Faroese knows these songs.

After many requests it was decided to republish “Nalja” on CD in the summer of 1998 as a celebration of the 10 years anniversary of the album, published by the Faroese record company, called TUTL. On the CD were all the old tracks + a bonus track: “Heimlongsul” with music by Kári Jacobsen – and lyrics by Elin:

Elin & Kári go their separate ways – and meet again

Elin & Kári appeared on stage several times – including two times at the big concerts at the Faroese national holiday, Ólavsøka (Sct. Olavs Wake), which takes place every year before crowds of thousands of people.

Elin & Kári had planned to publish a second album in 1992 “NALJA II”, but at that time the Faroe Islands were hit by a very severe economic crisis, which made it impossible to finance the production of a new album. After that they became busy with other things in their lives and went their separate ways.

Kári is a successful music composer and producer in Denmark today, and is the man behind many of the jingles, trailer songs or theme songs in popular TV programmes on Danish TV, as well as the man behind very popular pop acts – like the Faroese girl pop band Popp Korn some years ago, and the pop band Faroe 5. The albums of these two groups are some of the best selling albums ever on the Faroe Islands.

In 2012 Elin & Kári performed together again on stage for the first time in 20 years. They were asked by the arrangers of the Faroe Pride if they were willing to perform together again – and thereby support gay rights and the gay community in the Faroes. Of course, they said yes, and then NALJA was recreated! They had a great performance with a full band in front of an audience of several thousands of people.

Here is an excerpt from the concert:

A couple of days later, the two music veterans, Elin & Kári, played another concert at Ólavsøka (Sct. Olavs Wake, the national holiday in the Faroes) in front of an even bigger crowd of more than 10.000 people.


These were very touching and nostalgic moments, because everyone was singing along with the old, popular NALJA-songs at the two concerts.

Elin’s most popular song

“EITT DÝPI AV DÝRARI TÍД (In english: “An abyss of precious time”) is the title of one of the most popular songs on the Nalja album. Elin wrote and arranged the music to the song, and her father, the Faroese author Jens Pauli Heinesen, wrote the lyrics.

In 2002 the song was rearranged by the Danish Film composer Søren Hyldgaard and was recorded with City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra under conduction of Mario Klemens. Elin sang as a soloist backed up by Tórshavnar Manskór (Tórshavn Mens Choir) under conduction of Bjarni Restorff. The song was published in a TV film about Elin’s father – the author Jens Pauli Heinesen shown on Faroese public TV to celebrate his 70 years birthday. This song has been said to be a milestone in Faroese music history.

Read more about it here.
Listen to the original version of the song: 
Listen to the symphonic version of the song  .

Elin’s musical come-back

Elin has not appeared much in public as a musician since the early nineties. She became a mother in 1990, and she has had a busy career in culture administration, marketing and journalism – so she hasn’t had the time nor money to pursue a musical career.

But Elin has made kind of a come back in the summer of 2010, when the album “Yndisløg” was released. In 2005 she went in to the studio to record eight songs together with her uncle Svenn Brimheim, who was a well known guitar player on the Faroe Islands, and with the band he played in, Ad Libitum, which is a very popular easy listening folk band on the Faroe Islands. They planned to record a number of other songs later, and the album was intended to be released in 2006, but Svenn unfortunately died in the spring of 2006, before they could make the rest of the recordings. Later – in 2007 – Elin went into the studio with the rest of the band to record the seven remaining song.

The new album has the title “Yndisløg – Ein ferð aftur í farnar tíðir” (Treasured songs – A trip down memory lane) and contains her, her uncles and mothers favorite cover songs most of them evergreens from the sixties translated to Faroese by herself and others. Eight of the songs were recorded live in a studio at the Faroese public radio station in September 2005 with Svenn and Ad Libitum. The remaining seven tracks were recorded with the band – but without Svenn.

This is what Elin has written on the cover about the CD:

 A few words about the origin of the cd yndisløg / treasured songs:

“In 2004, my mother, Maud Heinesen, and her brother, my uncle Svenn Brimheim, were both diagnosed with incurable cancer. My mother had cancer of the lung and Svenn had melanoma skin cancer. So we, the family, could do little more than seek comfort in each other in these hard times. I worked in Denmark at the time, but I tried to come home as often as I could and stay as long as possible. In May, 2005, my mother was paralysed from the chest down and was bed bound after that. I spent much of this period by her bed, singing songs from her youth that I knew she loved. These songs formed an important part of my upbringing as a little girl in the 60s. We agreed that it was strange to see that such great songs had never been translated to Faroese. So I decided to translate or rewrite some of them.

Svenn, who was relatively well at the time, also visited my mother a lot. Sometimes he would bring his guitar and I would sing, just like we used to do when the family gathered together in the past. And then the idea struck me: why don’t Svenn and I record these songs together? We had been talking about recording music together for at least 25 years – without ever doing it – so why not do it now before it was too late? Svenn agreed, and he added a few of his personal favourites to the repertoire. The thought of making a CD didn’t really occur to us – simply recording the songs was the most important thing to us. Both Svenn and I have been working for the Faroese national radio in the past, so I went to them and asked for permission to use their studios. They kindly offered us free use of their studio for two nights.

Unfortunately, my mother didn’t live to hear these recordings – she died on 7 September, 2005. This made me realise even more how important it was to record these songs. Two weeks later, we went into the studios to record.

The first evening when I went to pick up Svenn, he was rehearsing with his band, Ad Libitum, a band with two mandolins, two guitars and a double bass. I went in to meet them. They were playing the song Nánd when I entered and I started singing with them spontaneously. We looked at each other and I think both parties agreed this was a good combination, so I asked them if they would like to join me and Svenn in the studio, hoping that something would come out of it – and it did: the following evening we had recorded eight songs, four of which with all the Ad Libitum members. The songs were recorded live and without any previous rehearsals, but afterwards we agreed that perhaps the recordings were still good enough to release on a CD.

However, eight songs are not enough for a full CD, so we decided to record seven other songs at a later date. I had to return to Denmark where I worked as a magazine editor, but I promised to come back to record the remaining songs. This was a time when Svenn travelled a lot to Denmark for treatment. He used to live with me there and we rehearsed the seven remaining songs. We decided that I should come back home to the Faroe Islands at Easter, 2006, to record these seven songs. Shortly before Easter, however, Svenn’s condition deteriorated fast. I went home but only a few days later, Svenn died.

I know how sad he was about not being able to complete this project. Two days before he died, I promised him to complete the CD together with Ad Libitum and he was very happy to hear that. We managed to keep our promise and I recorded the seven songs with the remaining Ad Libitum members in January, 2007. You’re holding the result in your hands right now.

I have chosen the title Yndisløg – Treasured Songs – because these are songs that I grew up with and which my family loved so much – especially my mother and Svenn. I hope these songs will become favourites for others too, so that they will support this release. If there will be any profits, the Faroese Cancer Association will receive a donation of every sold copy.

I would like to dedicate this CD to the memory of my mother, Maud Heinesen, and my mother’s brother, Svenn Brimheim. I love you.”

Best regards
Elin Brimheim Heinesen , July 2007


Later Elin hopes there will be a follow up with a solo album – or two maybe – with her own songs, which have been hiding in the drawer for far too long, as she says.


Musical environment

Elins parents were very much into classical music as well as Swedish folk music by, for instance, Evert Taube and Sven Bertil Taube. Elin’s  grandfather was a church choir singer all his life and others in the family sang also in choirs. Her uncle Svenn Brimheim was a reknown guitarist. The family’s music was very much part of Elin’s daily life through all of her childhood and has off course had a great influence.

But also the very lively song tradition on the Faroe Islands where Elin grew up, has influenced her. Faroese people love to party and sing together. Every small town has it’s own choir.

In the seventies Elin was very much into jazz and blues because of her engagement in the Tórshavn Jazz Club – so this has had a huge influence also. In the eighties she formed a duo with Kári Jacobsen and made the pop album “Nalja”, which was kind of a reaction against the political correctness in music, which was very common in those years. Elin has always insisted on making music, that has a right in itself – and not only as a mean to promote something else… anything else but true feelings whether it is joy and happiness or sadness and despair.

Elin has made music of many different kinds all of her career. In the seventies she made songs which you can label folk songs.  She has sung jazz, musicals, revue songs, pop rock – even performed with a heavy rock band.

Her previous album as a leading music artist “Nalja” was a pop album, that in many ways reminded of other pop albums from the eighties  – but it was also unique in a very ‘Faroese’ way, and became very popular as such. The songs on the album which was re-released in 1998 still get a lot af air play at the Faroese radio channels.

The new album “Yndisløg” (Treasured Songs), released in 2010, has a very different relaxed and easy listening feel to it.

Elin has composed many songs not published yet that might get labeled as pop rock – but that is a very general term that tells nothing about, what it really sounds like…

Yndisløg – Treasured Songs

CoverContent on this page
- samples from the album
- on it’s way for a long time
- dedicated to the memory of Maud & Svenn
- buy the cd and donate to the cancer society
- listen to samples from the CD
- buy a gift certificate now and get the cd later!
- an ideal gift for those you love
- printed gift certificate? wrapped gift? your choice…
- how to get the cd



1. Verðin undurfull er (What a Wonderful World)

2. Mussa meg (Besame Mucho)

3. Ynski (May Each Day)

4. Nánd (De nære ting)

5. Halt mær til góðar (Rose Garden/I beg your pardon)

6. Lættur í lund

7. Sangur um frælsi (Sång om Frihet)

8. Lorelei

9. Elska eymligt (Love Me Tender)

10. So fitt sum í gomlum døgum (Så sødt som i gamle dage)

11. Áarvegurin (Streets of London)

12. Mín einasti eini (Du ar den ende)

13. Nu folder jeg hånd og tanke

14. Veraldarendi (The End of the World)

15. Lít allar tínar leiðir

On it’s way for a long time

After having waited for three long years, Elin Brimheim Heinesen & Ad Libitum were, finally, able to release their sought after CD: Yndisløg – Ein ferð aftur í farnar tíðir (in English: Treasured Songs – A Trip Down Memory Lane) in the summer 2010.

The CD oozes nostalgia, romance, pensiveness, a will to life and love for the human kind.

The CD was recorded already, partly in September 2005, and partly in January 2007. The recordings were mostly recorded live sessions in the studio. But the release date was postponed for a long time because they had troubles getting the final rights to publish some of the songs in Faroese.

The release date was, finally, set to: July 12, 2010!

Dedicated to the memory of Maud & Svenn

The CD is dedicated to the memory of the siblings Maud Heinesen and Svenn Brimheim who both died of cancer – Maud in 2005 and Svenn in 2006. The purpose is to honour all victims of this terrible desease. The CD is also a tribute to the past – to the time, when these people were young and healthy – and to the splendid music they gave to our generation.

The songs on the CD are primarily Maud’s And Svenn’s most treasured songs. While they struggled to beat the desease and the whole family gathered to comfort each other, Elin often sang these songs, while Svenn played guitar. One day Elin’s mother said that she thought it was a little strange that nobody had translated these fine evergreens to Faroese before. This remark gave Elin the idea to translate the songs into Faroese.

Buy the cd and donate to the cancer society

It’s possible to order the CD – and thus, make sure that you get a copy or more of the CD.

The plan is to donate money to the Faroese Cancer Society. For each copy sold the Cancer Society will receive 20 DKK to support them in their cause trying to beat cancer and in helping cancer patients and their relatives.

Buy a gift certificate now and get the cd later!

Would you like to give the CD to someone as a gift? Then you have the opportunity to buy a GiftCertificate - and thus make sure that you’ll get one or more copies of the CD sent directly to your address – or to someone elses address of your choice – right after the release date.

The CD will be available for only 169 DKK. OBS! The Faroese Cancer Society will receive 20 DKK for every copy sold.

An ideal gift for those you love

This CD is ideal to give…
- to people you wish to show your love for
- to your parents, other members of your family or, perhaps, friends who can remember these songs from their younger years
- to people who love acoustic unpretentious live music
- to yourself, just because you like the music … :-)
- or to anyone who likes to support the struggle against cancer

Printed gift gertificate? Wrapped gift? Your choice…

You have several options when you fill out the order form. You can, for instance, choose to print out a GiftCertificate, so you have something concrete to give before the CD arrives at it’s destination. Just follow the instructions in the order form.

You can also choose to get the CD’s wrapped in gift paper for a little extra cost.

How to get the CD

Go to or mail to and make sure that you’ll get one or more copies of the CD: Yndisløg – Ein ferð aftur í farnar tíðir (Treasured Songs – A Trip Down Memory Lane) sent by mail.

A Gift Worth Waiting For! :-)


Published albums

Yndisløg – Ein ferð aftur í farnar tíðir
(Treasured songs – A Trip Down Memory Lane)
CD 2010
(Buy the CD at

Elin & Kári
MC 1988
and CD 1998
(Buy the CD at

Other published songs/albums

Elin Brimheim Heinesen has contributed to:

Jazz í Føroyum
LP 1977


Nu ska’ vi u’ å sejle
Kristian Blak a.o.
LP 1977

(Several songs)
MC 1980* Eg minnist eina mynd,
Jógvan Telling,
MC 1981*

Kaj og Karl Anton Klein
MC 1985*

Lítli Fuglur
Anfinn T. Hansen
MC 1987*


Jákup Marner Anthoniussen
LP 1989*

Nýt streym við skili
SEV-radio campaign

Kom nú lítli mín
CD 1997

Malan Eyðunsdóttir,
(Backing choir on several songs)
CD 1999

Popp List 2
(Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð)
CD 2003

(Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð)
CD 2005

Cover versions of Elin’s songs

(Cover of Sjeikurin)
CD 2005

The Dreams
(Cover of Sjeikurin)
CD 2005

(New music to old lyrics
“Eydnan” from the Nalja album)
CD 2013


Furthermore Elin has participated in a lot of radio programs throughout the years as a singer.

*Uncertainty about the publishing year accuracy. This is an approximate guess


Performances on video

Content on this page

- interview (in faroese) about composing (2008)
- performing eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð – live! (2008)
- the biggest hit from the nalja-days: á tann deiliga havn (1988)
- watch the award winning video: where nature rules (2008)

Interview (in Faroese) about composing (2008):

Performing eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð – live! (2008):

The biggest hit from the NALJA-days (1988):

Watch the award winning video “Where nature rules” here


Elin_2013-08-23_redElin Brimheim Heinesen was born 25. June in 1958 in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands. In 1990 she gave birth to a daughter.

She went to Denmark to study in her mid twenties and stayed in the country for 25 years, most of the time living and working in Copenhagen, until she moved back to the Faroes in 2007 where she lives today.

Work experience

Elin has wide-ranging experience in the fields of internet, marketing, media and culture and has worked in communication and marketing for many years as head of media and marketing, journalist and editor in chief in on-line and printed media.

In 2007 she went to the Faroe Islands to take the job as the Managing Director of SamVit – Faroe Islands Enterprise, the Faroese Trade and Tourism Council, which now has been merged with the Faroese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The last 5 years before she moved to the Faroe Islands, she was the Managing Editor of KIWI magazine, a Danish women’s and consumer’s magazine, which she also helped launch. Elin was also the Marketing Coordinator of Copenhagen City of Culture 1996. 1. September 2009 she became Head of the Media and Development Department at Kringvarp Føroya – the Faroe Islands National Broadcasting Company.

In May 2012 she left Kringvarp Føroya to become an independent copywriter, journalist, editor and communication adviser. She now runs the online music magazine and works as a freelance journalist at More details here.


Elin holds a university degree (cand.mag.) in aesthetics and culture and also has an education in business economics from Copenhagen Business School as well as being an educated screenwriter from Den Danske Filmskole (the Danish Film School). More details here.


Elin also has a background as a singer and songwriter. More details here.

Work Experience

May 2012 – ?
Independent Copywriter, Editor and Communications Adviser at Editor-in-chief and journalist at Journalist at
Editing. Copywriting. Translation (Fo/Dk/En). Web Management and Content Management. Advising small businesses in Communication and Marketing Strategies.
If you need a copywriter, scriptwriter, journalist, editor, translator, proofreader, marketing & communications adviser, supervisor, motivator, inspiring conversation partner, coach, web manager, content developer, project manager, lecturer, event organizer, researcher, survey organizer, tourist guide, host — feel free to contact me.

September 2009 – May 2012
Media- and Development Manager at Kringvarp Føroya, the National Broadcasting Company of the Faroe Islands. Project leader of a team responsible for preparing and launching the company’s new, much improved news website ( The site has many different functions and is updated several times a day. It also serves as a public archive for all aired radio and tv programs, produced by the company itself. In charge of the radio and tv archives (the physical part of them) and for the staff scheduling and transmitting TV shows. Responsible for the release of several successful music CD’s also, with older music from the Kringvarp archives or new music made for the purpose in collaboration between Kringvarp and external partners.

May 2007 – August 2009
Managing Director at SamVit – Faroe Islands Enterprise – a public organisation, now merged with the Foreign Ministry in the Faroe Islands. The organisation encompassed the former Faroe Islands Tourist Board and the Faroe Islands Trade Council. The two organisations officially merged at year-end 2006. SamVit – Faroe Islands Enterprise was to carry out the chosen national policy regarding trade and industry. The main functions were:  To encourage innovation and enterprise. To advance and develop Faroese trade and industry. To market Faroese products and services as well as the Faroe Islands themselves as business and investment opportunity. To advance and develop tourism in the Faroes and market the Faroe Islands as a tourist destination. In cooperation with other organisations and institutions an aim was to coordinate procedures relating to administration which can benefit all the individual companies. View and

July 2003 – April 2007:
Managing Editor at KIWI magazine, a glossy women’s consumer magazine, published by Chili Group. Involved in the start-up process, including concept development. KIWI magazine has a circulation of 200.000 with more than 400.000 readers. It includes practical advice, aimed at making the reader’s hectic life easier – primarily about saving time and money. The main target group is women aged 25-50. Chili Group has a contract with the Danish supermarket chain Netto regarding exclusive free distribution of the magazine throughout Denmark.  View (now and KIWI magazine changed name in March 2010 to LIME magazine since the Norwegian supermarket chain Kiwi opened their first stores in Denmark.

December 2002 – April 2003:
A contract position as Project Leader/Coordinator for the Faroese Telecom. Responsibilities included preparing a report about the possibilities for establishing a new commercially-based TV channel to compete with the Faroese national channel.

October 2002 – December 2002:
Moved to her native Faroe Islands for a short period, mainly to produce a TV-film in two episodes about her father, the Faroese author Jens Pauli Heinesen. Responsible for the music and the editing of the film. The music can be heard here.

November 2001 – October 2002:
Managing Editor at the Danish Committee for Health Education, a public service which publishes health-related books and magazines, including UNG, a quarterly magazine distributed to all 13-16 year-old school pupils in Denmark. View, og

February 2000 – October 2001:
Managing Editor and founder of (link to PDF-file!) – World Online’s (now Tiscali’s) online magazine for women with content such as shopping, letters, body & soul, lifestyle & culture, career and IT. Responsibilities included vision, concept development and strategy, as well as maintenance. The staff consisted of an editorial assistant and 40 freelancers. Although the site was the fifth-largest women’s site in Denmark, it was shut down in August 2001 due to financial problems caused by the world wide IT crisis at the time.

July 1997 – April 2007:
Founder and Director of own company (initially to finance studies at the National Film School of Denmark), Heinesen Kommunikation. The company provided consultancy services, specialising in media communications. When she became Managing Director of SamVit in 2007, she had to close down the company due to her official position.

Marketing Coordinator for Kulturby 96 (Copenhagen – Cultural Capital of Europe 1996). Elin developed the advertising strategy and edited promotional texts and layout for various advertising areas. In addition, she was an advisor for almost 600 cultural projects in the city, providing advice about marketing strategies and advertising, as well as distribution of flyers, signs, banners and flags to various cultural institutions.

Sales and Marketing Manager at Folketeateret – The People’s Theatre in Copenhagen. She was responsible for planning and controlling the theatre’s marketing plans. She designed and sent out sales letters, designed packages for customers and visitors, edited advertising copy, designed the theatre’s programmes, posters and postcards, as well as organising merchandising, adverts and sponsors.

Marketing Manager at SMS in Tórshavn – a shopping centre which houses 26 shops, including a large supermarket, post office, bank and cafeteria, and employs 300 people. Elin was responsible for producing weekly five-minute TV broadcasts for national TV, which included reports and adverts. She was also responsible for selling advertising space to the shops and organising weekly events in the centre – cultural, commercial and entertainment.

Jobs before and during college and university studies

Technological Assistant at the Teknovision exhibition in Copenhagen (summer, 1992)
Office Assistant at the Faroese Academy (summer holidays, 1989-91)
Market Researcher, Copenhagen (student job, 1988)
Marketing Assistant at EC-Marketing, Copenhagen (student job, 1987-88)
Sandwich Maid (student job, 1987)
Canteen Assistant at the Faroese House in Copenhagen (student job, 1986-87)
Book Shop Clerk, Tórshavn (summer, 1986)
Office Assistant at the Faroese Academy (summer holidays, 1983-85)
Supply Teacher at a college in Tórshavn (full-time job, 1981-82)
Care Worker at a recreation centre for physically and mentally disabled, Tórshavn (summer job, 1979-1981)
Journalist on the newspaper 14 September and a Faroese cultural magazine Magn (full-time job, 1978-79)
Radio Assistant and Record Archivist, Tórshavn (full-time job, 1978)
Supply Teacher at a primary school (full-time job, 1977-78)
Ticket Office Assistant at Torshavn’s Jazzklub (weekend job, 1976-82)
Attendant at the Faroese National Art Gallery (student job, 1974-76)

Short summary

Line of work Position Years
Culture & Media                                . Journalist, editor and managing editor                                     . 13
IT Webmaster and web editor 11
Marketing Marketing manager and co-ordinator 3,5
Public organisation Managing director 2
Pedagogy Teacher 1,5
Sales Telemarketing 1
..- including managing experience .18



Screenwriting Degree
Den Danske Filmskole – The National Film School of Denmark, Copenhagen
View transcript

Master of Arts Degree Majoring in Aesthetics and Culture
1984-1986 and 1989-1991
Dissertation: Practical Work with Marketing – with Emphasis on TV Advertising – Based on Humanistic Theories of Culture and Communication
University of Aarhus, Denmark
View transcript of exam paper and transcript of all the examination results

Business Economics for Humanists
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
View transcript

Unfinished Degree in Dramaturgy
University of Aarhus, Denmark
View transcript

University Bachelor Degree in Nordic Languages and Literature
Fróðskaparsetur Føroya – The Faroese Academy, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
View transcript


Project Management Course
Winter 2007-8
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Project Management
Spring 2001
Copenhagen, Denmark
View transcript

Computer-based Music Composition and Arrangement
Autumn 1995
Copenhagen, Denmark

Technological Communications
Spring 1992
Copenhagen, Denmark
View transcript

Course in Drama, Visual Arts, Music and Literature
Herning College
Spring, 1978
Herning, Denmark
View transcript

Two night school Drama courses
The winters of 1976 and 1977
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands


Reference from Chili Group A/S (in March 2010 KIWI magazine changed name to LIME)

Reference from the Danish Committee for Health Education

Reference from Tiscali A/S (

References from colleagues (

Reference from Kulturby 96 (Cultural Capital of Europe ’96)

Reference from Teknovision

NB! Translations of the references to English are available on request.


Interests and freelance work

Elin is passionate about the internet and keeps herself constantly up-to-date with online trends.

Elin is the webmaster and web editor for the website - an online music magazine for everyone interested in current information about music from the Faroe Islands – a work she does on a voluntary basis in her spare time. The site contains an abundance of videos, photos, articles, podcasts and other information – all about Faroese music.

Elin has had various journalistic research assignments on a freelance basis.

She has written numerous features and reviews for Danish and Faroese newspapers.

She sometimes writes art, music, film and theatre reviews.

She was webmaster and web editor for the website for some years – a web magazine about the Faroe Islands in general – and earlier she was the creator and editor of – a website about the relationship between the Faroe Islands and Denmark first published in April, 2000. This voluntary work stopped due to other commitments.

She has worked on various projects involving advertising campaigns and market research. This has resulted in various publications, mainly about marketing consultancy.

Music and theatre

Since 1964 Elin has been active as a music composer and singer. She released the album Nalja on MC in 1988, and on CD in 1998, together with Kári Jacobsen. In 2010 she released an album again with her own interpretations of some of her mothers and uncle’s most treasured songs. They both died of cancer in 2005 and 2006, and this album is Elin’s tribute to them. Read about Elin’s musical career and hear some of her songs and specifically about the latest album “Yndisløg” (Treasured Songs).

Elin has been active in local theatre life, as a performer and organiser, at Tórshavns Jazz Society since its foundation in 1975. She was one of the founders and a board member of the society in the first years.

Elin has arranged concerts and was a co-founder of music- and composer societies in Torshavn.

She has performed in musical theatre pieces such as Seymistovan at the Tórshavn Theatre (1978) and The Lost Musicians, a play based on the novel by William Heinesen, at the Nordic House in Tórshavn (1993).

Radio, tv and film

Elin toured the Faroe Islands as a revue singer for three years (1975-1978). These performances were part of the weekly Saturday night entertainment show on the Faroese radio.

She has made music videos and music programmes on a freelance basis for Faroese TV and radio since 1975.

She has produced various radio programmes since 1975, including a series of nine programmes about the history of jazz and a six-part radio play for children. She produced and played in various radio plays, produced children’s shows, recited several children’s books and sung several children’s songs in the radio.

Websites (under re-construction) (under re-construction)

Social Media

Fan Pages



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