In 2011 Elin got the idea to arrange concerts in her own living room, inviting the public to come and experience concerts with different music artists during the long dark winter season. She started up in January 2012. The concerts quickly became popular, but to get break-even it was necessary to have a full house every time. She quickly realised that was not obtainable.

Elin also started out setting the cost of the tickets too low, so it was difficult for her to make ends meet. So after a very busy season she stopped and didn’t arrange concerts for a year and a half. But then Elin developed the idea to arrange living room concerts for groups of tourists during the summer, where she herself was the performing artist. Nowadays this activity surpasses the other concerts in numbers.


Elin chose to call the concerts F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR.

The word F’LJÓÐ has a double meaning. “Fljóð” is an old Faroese word for a ‘woman’. In this case it is written F’LJÓÐ with an apostrophe beween the F and the L, where “F'” is an abbrevation for ‘Faroese’ and “ljóð” means ‘sound’ which altogether means Faroese Sound. The word is pronounced like “flow”, but with an ‘ee’ put in between the l and the o – like “fleeow” with stress on the ‘ow’.

The word ‘kvøldseta’ means – directly translated: ‘evening-sitting’. The plural form is: ‘kvøldsetur’. The purpose of F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR events is to offer the audience good entertainment like live music and readings of Faroese literature in a cozy environment – and in return get the audiences’ support for the work, the host does.

Besides from coffee, tea and cake, F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR evenings not only offer live concerts but also storytelling, which means that the evenings are very much like the old “kvøldseta” evenings, where Faroese people get together to sing and tell stories to each other. F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR evenings are therefore an exciting, refreshing and inspiring alternative to regular concerts, well worth attending.

Read about the whole concept of F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR in THIS BROCHURE:

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