1980 – 1990


In the early eighties Elin performed as a singer in the music theatre play “Seymistovan” which played for full houses more than forty times.

Here are all the actors on stage in the theatre, Sjónleikarhúsið:



In the mid-eighties she was living in Århus in Denmark – for a short while she sang and played keyboards in a rock band with the brothers Kaj & Karl Anton Klein a.o. and participated on a recording (published as MC) with them.

Here is a photo from a party in Århus – first one with Kaj Klein on guitar and Jákup Thomsen on keyboard, and the second one with Karl Anton Klein on guitar, Emil ? on bass and Edvard Nyholm Debess on drums, in 1983:

Elin also conducted a small Faroese choir in Århus at the same time -and a little a capella quartet.


In the eighties Elin participated as a singer (mostly as backing choir) on several music album recordings with various artists. She sang backing choir on several songs on the abum SKOT by Kaj Klein.

The best known album is “Blátt” by Jákup Marner Antoniussen, where she – among other songs – sang duet with Jákup Marner in the hit song “Tú og eg”.

Another duet song also became a hit on the Faroe Islands – “Meg minnist eina mynd” by Hans Andrias Djurhuus, which Elin sang together with Jógvan Telling.

She also sang choir on the hit song “Lítli fuglur” by Anfinn T. Hansen.

Elin has also sung several popular childrens songs on the Faroese public radio.


In 1984 Elin and Faroese composer/producer Kári Jacobsen met at a party. Elin was 26 years old at the time, and Kári only 16! Even though they were ten years apart and came from very different musical backgrounds, they found out that their chemistry was perfect.

Here is a photo of Elin & Kári from the actual party, when they met the first time:

Shortly after they formed a two man pop band “Elin & Kári”, and in the summer of 1988 they published an album on music cassette called “NALJA” on the Faroe Islands. They wrote, composed and arranged all the music themselves, but Faroese legendary music producer, Óli Poulsen, helped them produce the album. There were 10 tracks on the album. 5 by Kári Linderoth Jacobsen and 5 by Elin Brimheim Heinesen.

The songs on the pop album “NALJA” were kind of a reaction against all the political correctness in music, which was very common at the time. Elin has always insisted on making music, that has a right in itself – and not only as a mean to promote something else… anything else but true feelings whether it is joy and happiness or sadness and despair.

The album “NALJA” was a pop album, which in a way was typical for the eighties with its Simmons Drums and other typical sounds for that time. It therefore reminded in many ways of other pop albums from that time. BUT it was also quite unique in a very ‘Faroese’ way, and became very popular as such. The songs on the album – which was re-released on CD in 1998 – still get a lot af air play at the Faroese radio channels.

Here is a photo of Elin, Óli and Kári from the Bløndal studio in Copenhagen:

The MC-cover from 1988:

And here is a photo of Elin & Kári from a photo shoot shot in 1988 in connection with the release of their album NALJA:

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