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In 2010 Elin released her album “Yndisløg” together with the acoustic band Ad Libitum, when all the copyright issues finally had been resolved. The album sold 1,300 copies already the first two years after the release, which is no mean feat in a small country of around 50,000 people. Read more HERE.

In the following years Elin’s music career suddenly took off again. The release of the album kicked off a demand for live performances, and Elin has performed at many concerts and festivals since then, including the G! festival in Gøta, Summarfestivalurin in Klaksvík, Voxbotn in Tórshavn, Ólavsøkukonsertir in Tórshavn, Summartónar at different venues in the Faroe Islands, in churches, at the venue Reinsaríið in Tórshavn, and the venue Tøting in Gøta, at private parties, at wedding and at funerals as well as at living room concerts (mostly for tourists) in the summer. She usually sings and plays her own songs, some published and some not published before, some of the classical NALJA songs, some cover songs from the Yndisløg album. Sometimes she performs alone, sometimes accompanied by two other musicians playing acoustic guitar and bass.

Elin and Astrid McDonald at an Ólavsøka concert in 2011:


Elin & Kári appeared on stage several times – including two times at the big concerts at the Faroese national holiday, Ólavsøka (Sct. Olavs Wake), which takes place every year before crowds of thousands of people.

In 2012 Elin & Kári performed together again on stage for the first time in 20 years. They were asked by the arrangers of the Faroe Pride if they were willing to perform together again – and thereby support gay rights and the gay community in the Faroes. Of course, they said yes, and then NALJA was recreated! They had a great performance with a full band in front of an audience of several thousands of people.

Here is an excerpt from the concert:

A couple of days later, the two music veterans, Elin & Kári, played another concert at Ólavsøka (Sct. Olavs Wake, the national holiday in the Faroes) in front of an even bigger crowd of more than 10.000 people.

Here is a photo from the Ólavsøka concert in Vágsbotn in 2012:

These were very touching and nostalgic moments, because everyone was singing along with the old, popular NALJA-songs at the two concerts.

Elin performs as part of the ALL STARS crew, including Eivør and Teitur and others, at the G! festival in 2013:

Elin og Kári (NALJA) performing at Voxbotn festival in Tórshavn in 2013 (© Bjartur Vest):

This photo is from the Við Múrin festival 2015:

Elin performing with Norwegian choir Korluren in Hotel Hafnia and Maria Chrurch in Tórshavn 2015:


The NALJA band had a well visited and a well reviewed concert in the Tórshavn venue Reinsaríið 15. January 2016.

Here is a photo from the NALJA concert at Reinsaríið:

Watch a video snippet from the concert at Reinsaríið HERE:

And here is a very positive review of this concert in the Faroese paper Dimmalætting:


Elin, Fróði Vestergaard and Hans Olivur Joensen singing at Jógvan Telling tribute concert at the Nordic House in February 2016 (© Jens Kr. Vang):

Elin performs at Nordhavns Regatta in Copenhagen in May 2016:

Elin performing at Voxbotn festival in June 2016 (© Jens Kr. Vang):

Elin performing with guitarist Leivur Thomsen at concert at Strendur supporting the Cancer Society in 2016:

Here is a live performance at the Nordic House in Tórshavn in 2016. “Lisa’s Sang Til Kåre” is composed and written by Danish author Lisbeth Nebelong. The lyrics are printed in Lisbeth Nebelong’s novel trilogy “Færøblues” and are about the two main characters in the book, Lisa and Kåre. The song is performed here by Elin Brimheim Heinesen Trio at the annual book fair Bókadagar 2016 at the Nordic House in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands, the 26th of November 2016.

Elin Brimheim Heinesen sings and plays classical guitar, Arnold Ludvig plays acoustic bass and Leivur Thomsen plays acoustic guitar:

Elin sings the song “Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð” with music by herself and lyrics by her father, Jens Pauli Heinesen, at the same event:

Elin performing at the G! festival in July 2017 (© Alessio Mesiano):

This next video is from the Nordic String Quartet’s performance of “Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð”, composed by Elin for the poem by her father, the Faroese writer, Jens Pauli Heinesen. The piece was arranged for Nordic String Quartet by Mathias Justesen. The Danish pianist Sigurd Barrett arranged a wonderful programme for The Mission of the Faroes to the EU at a Christmas concert, playing to a full house at the Danish church in Brussels in 2017. Quote from the Mission: “It was a pleasure collaborating with our Danish partners to bring such quality music and musicians to Brussels, with Faroese musical talents well represented.”:

And here is a photo from the same event:

Elin had a concert in the venue Reinsaríið in Tórshavn in June 2028 with Kim Hansen at the piano, Rúni Eysturlíð on guitar, Árni Johannesarson on bass:

Elin performing at the SummarFestival in Klaksvík in August 2018:

November 7th, 2018, Elin played an Open Mic concert at the venue Reinsaríið in Tórshavn, with Rúni Eysturlíð on guitar, Arnold Ludvig on bass and Rógvi á Rógvu on drums. (If you can’t see the video, click on “Video on facebook” below:

At Christmas 2019, Elin played a little concert at a Christmas event “Norðurljóð” in Biskupstorg in Klaksvík, together with Rúni Eysturlíð on guitar:

Elin had a concert at the venue Fiskastykkið in Sandavágur in June 2020, where she played together with Rúni Eysturlíð on guitar, Arnold Ludvig on bass and Rógvi á Rógvu on drums:

And in July 2020, Elin had another concert with the same crew at the venue Blábar:

Elin has read and recorded the Faroese audiobook version of the novel ‘When angels play Mozart’ by Lisbeth Nebelong. At a presentation in the National Library in Tórshavn on 30 September 2020, she rounded off the presentation with the book’s love song ‘Lisa’s sang til Kåre’ with lyrics & melody by Lisbeth Nebelong:

In December 2020, Elin sang at a Christmas concert in Vesturkirkjan in Tórshavn together with Tórshavn’s Male Choir. The choir had a fantastic concert throughout. But it was difficult for Elin to break through the massive sound wall of male voices, as unfortunately there was no real PA or sound system in the church. Only the sound system that the priest normally uses for the service. This meant that she had no monitor and could not hear herself sing and play, which greatly affected her performance, so her performance was not a very good experience:


Since 2012 Elin has arranged living room concerts in her home under the title: F’LJÓÐ living room concerts, and since 2014 she has worked with travel agencies and played living room concerts for groups of tourists every summer. She welcomes the guests to an inspiring evening in her home, previously in Stoffalág 18, where she lived from 2007 to 2021, and now in Magnus Heinasonar gøta 8 in downtown Tórshavn.

Elin’s living room provides a warm and cozy setting for the F’LJÓÐ living room concerts and literary evenings. The guests experience live music, storytelling and readings of literature. They are also served coffee, tea and cakes and get to enjoy the vintage furniture and the beautiful Faroese art on the walls – most of it formerly owned by Elin‘s late parents – her father, the famous Faroese author Jens Pauli Heinesen, and her mother Maud Heinesen, also a writer, but of children’s books.

The first F’LJÓÐ event took place on January 15th, 2012, which was the birthday of Elin’s mother. Since then Elin has hosted a string of living room concerts and literary evenings. Mostly she performs her own music – sometimes alone, sometimes with a fellow musician – some of it composed to poems by her father. But many other artists in many different genres have also performed at the F’LJÓÐ events.

Read more about the F’LJÓÐ living room concerts HERE and HERE.

Elin performing at a F’LJÓÐ living room concert together with Rúni Eysturlíð in 2019 in her previous home:

Here is another living room concert in Elin’s previous home with Elin, Rúni Eysturlíð on guitar and Edvard Nyholm Debess on bass:

Here is an excerpt from one of Elin’s living room concerts in her home, she lives in now:


Elin released her first solo album – “Handan stjørnurnar” (Beyond the Stars) – on July 7th, 2018, the date she celebrated her 60’th birthday (which actually was on June 25th). She held a big party at Sjónleikarhúsið, the old theatre in Tórshavn, where she performed some of the songs with the studio crew. All the songs on the album are written and composed by herself and also arranged and produced by herself together with music producer Finnur Hansen. “These are songs, which have been hiding in the drawer for far too long”, as she says.

Here are four of the studio crew members – Arnold, Elin, Rógvi and Finnur:

The studio recordings began in February 2018 and the studio crew was Finnur Hansen on keyboards, Arnold Ludvig on bass, Rógvi á Rógvi on drums, Rúni Eysturlíð and Leivur Thomsen on guitars – some very skilled musicians, in addition to a string of other musicians on strings and wind instruments.

The album contains songs in many different genres: pop, folk, blues, jazz – and even a couple of country songs.

Here is a video from the recording sessions:


Album art-work on Elin’s solo album “Handan stjørnurnar” made by Zoe Elliott and Tim Vaughan-Sanders from „31 Days In“ in New Zealand:


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