ELIN BRIMHEIM HEINESEN has released four albums – alone or together with others, in addition to playing a role in several music productions made by others.


In 1988 ELIN & KÁRI published their debut album NALJA – with five of ten tracks written and composed by Elin and the other five by Kári. These songs have been very well received and popular in the Faroes and still get a lot of airplay in Faroese radio. One could rightfully claim they have become classics.
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In 2010 Elin published the album Yndisløg – ein ferð aftur í farnar tíðir / Treasured Songs – A Trip Down Memory Lane together with the band Ad Libitum with 15 old evergreens of which most were translated to Faroese by Elin. The album was a tribute to her mother and uncle, who both died of cancer.
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In early 2018 Elin finally went to a studio to record her first solo album – Handan stjørnurnar (Beyond The Stars) solely with her own music – 12 tracks with compositons and lyrics by Elin. The album was released on July 7th in 2018. Elin threw a big release party, which was also her birthday party. She turned 60 just a few days earlier.
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In November 2023, Elin released an album with 12 tracks – six songs with lyrics in Faroese + the same six songs with lyrics in English. The album has been given the title Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð / A Chasm of Precious Time after the oldest song that Elin composed for a poem by her father, the writer Jens Pauli Heinesen. The song is on this album in an updated mix. Elin has also composed the other five songs to poems by her father, all of which have been arranged for symphony orchestra and choir by the Italian composer Enzo De Rosa, while the sixth song, Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð, has been arranged by the Danish film composer Søren Hyldgaard.
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