Elins parents were very much into classical music as well as Swedish folk music by, for instance, Evert Taube and Sven Bertil Taube. Elin’s  grandfather was a church choir singer all his life and others in the family sang also in choirs. Her uncle Svenn Brimheim was a reknown guitarist. The family’s music was very much part of Elin’s daily life through all of her childhood and has off course had a great influence.

But also the very lively song tradition on the Faroe Islands where Elin grew up, has influenced her. Faroese people love to party and sing together. Every small town has it’s own choir.

In the seventies Elin was very much into jazz and blues because of her engagement in the Tórshavn Jazz Club – so this has had a huge influence also. In the eighties she formed a duo with Kári Jacobsen and made the pop album “Nalja”, which was kind of a reaction against the political correctness in music, which was very common in those years. Elin has always insisted on making music, that has a right in itself – and not only as a mean to promote something else… anything else but true feelings whether it is joy and happiness or sadness and despair.

Elin has made music of many different kinds all of her career. In the seventies she made songs which you can label folk songs.  She has sung jazz, musicals, revue songs, pop rock – even performed with a heavy rock band.

Her previous album as a leading music artist “Nalja” was a pop album, that in many ways reminded of other pop albums from the eighties  – but it was also unique in a very ‘Faroese’ way, and became very popular as such. The songs on the album which was re-released in 1998 still get a lot af air play at the Faroese radio channels.

The album “Yndisløg” (Treasured Songs), released in 2010, has a very different relaxed and easy listening feel to it. While her solo album “Handan stjørnurnar”, released in 2018, had a whole other, more kind of a pop rock expression.

Elin has composed many other songs not published yet that also might get labeled as pop rock – but that is a very general term that tells nothing about, what it really sounds like.

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