APRIL 2018 – NOW

Manager of the Audio Books Service at the National Library of the Faroe Islands – Ljóðbókatænastan. The National Library’s Audio Book Service – publishes audio books and other audio material in Faroese to people, who for some reason do not have the opportunity to read or acquire printed text in other ways. Furthermore, the Audio Book Service must ensure that material of the above kind is available to users of the libraries in the country. The purpose of the Audio Book Service is to ensure that first and foremost those with special needs, have as much access as possible to reading material published in Faroese, also on media other than printed media. It is important that the material has the best possible literary, linguistic and technical quality. The work of the Audio Book Service is carried out in collaboration with an advisory board with representatives of users, various associations and libraries.

APRIL 2015 – MARCH 2018

Manager of the Information and Student Services Centre at the University of the Faroe Islands. The Student Services Centre at Fróðskaparsetur Føroya, the University of the Faroe Islands, is in charge of the university’s information and website management, student guidance, administrative, and academic tasks especially related to the studies of coming, current, and former students and must, alongside other administrative units, work towards a more effective level of service for students, staff, and guests at the University of the Faroe Islands. The Student Services Centre handled its responsibilities in close co-operation with the management and administration at the university, student representatives and others. The Student Services Centre handles practical administrative responsibilities in areas directly related to admission and student affairs – as for instance receiving applications, admissions and registry of students. The Student Services Centre co-ordinates the students’ guidance at the University of the Faroe Islands and develops various tools and services to ensure that the university’s users receive appropriate help and information on affairs relevant to studying. The Student Services Centre also markets to and informs the public on education and research at the University of the Faroe Islands. Additionally, the Student Services Centre provides relevant guidance on quality control tools and procedures, conducts surveys etc.

MAY 2012 – MARCH 2015

Independent Copywriter, Editor and Communications Adviser at Editor-in-chief and journalist at Journalist at
Editing. Copywriting. Translation (Fo/Dk/En). Web Management and Content Management. Advising small businesses in Communication and Marketing Strategies.
Roles: copywriter, scriptwriter, journalist, editor, translator, proofreader, marketing & communications adviser, supervisor, motivator, inspiring conversation partner, coach, web manager, content developer, project manager, lecturer, event organizer, researcher, survey organizer, tourist guide, host and so on.

SEPTEMBER 2009 – MAY 2012

Media- and Development Manager at Kringvarp Føroya, the National Broadcasting Company of the Faroe Islands, in charge of media strategies and Project Leader of a team responsible for preparing and launching the company’s news website ( The site has many different functions and is updated several times a day. It also serves as a public archive for all aired radio and tv programs, produced by the company itself. In charge of the radio and tv archives (the physical part of them) and for the staff scheduling and transmitting TV shows. Responsible for Kringvarp’s release of several successful music CD’s also with older music from the Kringvarp archives or new music with bigger ensembles in collaboration between Kringvarp and external partners.

MAY 2007 – AUGUST 2009

Managing Director of SamVit – Faroe Islands Enterprise (the Faroe Islands Business Council) – a public organization which was a merger of the two former organizations Ferðaráð Føroya (Faroe Islands Tourist Board) and Menningarstovan (Faroe Islands Export Council). The two organizations officially merged at the end of 2006 and became SamVit – the Business Council of the Faroe Islands, but in 2009 SamVit was merged with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Faroe Islands and ceased to function as an independent organisation. SamVit was to carry out the chosen national policy regarding trade and industry. The main functions were:  To encourage innovation and enterprise. To advance and develop Faroese trade and industry. To market Faroese products and services as well as the Faroe Islands themselves as business and investment opportunity. To advance and develop tourism in the Faroes and market the Faroe Islands as a tourist destination. In cooperation with other organisations and institutions an aim was to coordinate procedures relating to administration which can benefit all the individual companies. View

JULY 2003 – APRIL 2007:

Managing Editor at KIWI magazine, a glossy women’s consumer magazine, published by Chili Group. Involved in the start-up process, including concept development. KIWI magazine has a circulation of 200.000 with more than 400.000 readers. It includes practical advice, aimed at making the reader’s hectic life easier – primarily about saving time and money. The main target group is women aged 25-50. Chili Group has a contract with the Danish supermarket chain Netto regarding exclusive free distribution of the magazine throughout Denmark.  View on Wayback Machine and KIWI magazine changed name in March 2010 to LIME magazine when the Norwegian supermarket chain of the same name – Kiwi – opened their first stores in Denmark.

DECEMBER 2002 – APRIL 2003:

A contract position as Project Leader/Coordinator for the Faroese Telecom. Responsibilities included preparing a report about the possibilities for establishing a new commercially-based TV channel to compete with the Faroese national channel.


Moved to her native Faroe Islands for a short period, mainly to produce a TV-film in two episodes by Gulla Øregaard about Elin’s father, the Faroese author Jens Pauli Heinesen. Responsible for the music and the editing of the film. The music can be heard here.


Managing Editor at the Danish Committee for Health Education, a public service which publishes health-related books and magazines, including UNG, a quarterly magazine distributed to all 13-16 year-old school pupils in Denmark. View og


Managing Editor and founder of – World Online’s (now Tiscali’s) online magazine for women with content such as shopping, letters, body & soul, lifestyle & culture, career and IT. Responsibilities included vision, concept development and strategy, as well as maintenance. The staff consisted of an editorial assistant and 40 freelancers. Although the site was the fifth-largest women’s site in Denmark, it was shut down in August 2001 due to financial problems caused by the world wide IT crisis at the time.

JULY 1997 – APRIL 2007:

Founder and Director of own company (initially to finance studies at the National Film School of Denmark), Heinesen Kommunikation. The company provided consultancy services, specialising in media communications. When she became Managing Director of SamVit in 2007, she had to close down the company due to her official position.


Marketing Coordinator for Kulturby 96 (Copenhagen – Cultural Capital of Europe 1996). Elin developed the advertising strategy and edited promotional texts and layout for various advertising areas. In addition, she was an advisor for almost 600 cultural projects in the city, providing advice about marketing strategies and advertising, as well as distribution of flyers, signs, banners and flags to various cultural institutions.


Sales and Marketing Manager at Folketeateret – The People’s Theatre in Copenhagen. She was responsible for planning and controlling the theatre’s marketing plans. She designed and sent out sales letters, designed packages for customers and visitors, edited advertising copy, designed the theatre’s programmes, posters and postcards, as well as organising merchandising, adverts and sponsors.


Marketing Manager at SMS in Tórshavn – a shopping centre which houses 26 shops, including a large supermarket, post office, bank and cafeteria, and employs 300 people. Elin was responsible for producing weekly five-minute TV broadcasts for national TV, which included reports and adverts. She was also responsible for selling advertising space to the shops and organising weekly events in the centre – cultural, commercial and entertainment.


Technological Assistant at the Teknovision exhibition in Copenhagen (summer, 1992)
Office Assistant at the Faroese Academy (summer holidays, 1989-91)
Market Researcher, Copenhagen (student job, 1988)
Marketing Assistant at EC-Marketing, Copenhagen (student job, 1987-88)
Sandwich Maid (student job, 1987)
Canteen Assistant at the Faroese House in Copenhagen (student job, 1986-87)
Book Shop Clerk, Tórshavn (summer, 1986)
Office Assistant at the Faroese Academy (summer holidays, 1983-85)
Supply Teacher at a college in Tórshavn (full-time job, 1981-82)
Care Worker at a recreation centre for physically and mentally disabled, Tórshavn (summer job, 1979-1981)
Journalist on the newspaper 14 September and a Faroese cultural magazine Magn (full-time job, 1978-79)
Radio Assistant and Record Archivist, Tórshavn (full-time job, 1978)
Supply Teacher at a primary school (full-time job, 1977-78)
Ticket Office Assistant at Torshavn’s Jazzklub (weekend job, 1976-82)
Attendant at the Faroese National Art Gallery (student job, 1974-76)

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