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During the corona lockdown many musicians were stuck in their homes. In order to entertain themselves and others, many of them offered live performances online – including Elin. Among other songs she did a live version of her song Sóleyan that she had composed to lyrics by her father, the late author Jens Pauli Heinesen.

She shared the song on facebook, and to her surprise it went kind of viral in the Faroe Islands. After a couple of days thousands of people had seen it and many commented that they really liked the song.

Here is the performance that went ‘viral’.

Among the people that made comments to the song, there was a guy, Høgni Rasmussen, who asked Elin why she didn’t start a crowfunding campaign to get funding so she could make a professional recording of this song. And not only that – why not do a symphonic recording of this song, he asked – just like she did with the song Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð she recorded with a czech symphony orchestra almost 20 years earlier.

Elin got inspired by these positive reactions to initiate her next big music project. She got the idea that she wanted to honour her father, the author Jens Pauli Heinesen, who would have had his 90th birthday November 12th, 2022, by publishing an album with songs she had composed to his poems – and, if possible, have a big honor concert for him on his birthday with the Faroe Islands Symphony Orchestra and a choir.

But to be able to do this she needed money. Lots of money. She wanted first to see if it would be possible to finance a symphonic recording of one of the songs, she made to lyrics by her father – the song Sóleyan that went viral on facebook. So she launched a crowdfunding project on a newly opened Faroese crowdfunding page – hopfigging.fo – for this song only.

Her crowdfunding campaign was the first one for a music project on this crowdfunding page. The guy who had suggested to her to do this campaign, helped her recording a short video asking people to contribute – seen here:

Translation of what Elin Brimheim Heinesen says in the video above:

“Hey, I need your help! I am dreaming of recording the song “Sóleyan” (The Buttercup) by my father, Jens Pauli Heinesen, and me with a symphony orchestra – just like the song “Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð” (A Chasm og Precious Time). Please help me make this dream come true.”

On the crowdfunding webpage she wrote:

“It would just be great if a symphonic recording of Sóleyan could be done and released preferably well in advance, but at the latest at my father’s 90th birthday in 2022, and in that way be able to honor his memory. Therefore, I sincerely hope that many people will help support this project so that the dream can come true.”

Read more about the crowdfunding project HERE.

Here is an interview (in Faroese) with Elin on the radio station R7 about the crowdfunding – and how it went:

The crowdfunding went very well. In only six days, she got the full amount that she applied for. And when the crowdfunding project ended, she had it 136 % financed, so she went out to find someone, who could help her arrange the song to symphony orchestra. This is when she found the magnificent Italian composer and arranger, Enzo De Rosa, whom she contacted after hearing music he had arranged for other people. Hearing his music convinced her that he was the right person for the job. Enzo heard the simple demo of the song “Sóleyan” and said yes right away, that he would help her arrange the song. He did not disappoint.

“Sóleyan” was released as a single and a music video on Elin’s father’s 89 birthday – November 12th 2021.

Watch the music video here:

The song was very well received, which prompted the Italian composer and arranger, Enzo De Rosa, to ask Elin if she could write more music to poems by her father they could collaborate on.  She was encouraged by this and quickly composed four other songs to lyrics by her father, which Enzo then started to make symphonic arrangements to.

But first they needed to secure the financing of the project, so that the songs could be recorded by a real symphony orchestra. So Elin launched another crowdfunding campaign, not expecting, but hoping that this new crowdfunding would help her record the songs and – not least – perform them at an honorary concert in the Nordic House on her fathers 90th birthday.

This new crowdfunding campaign also went very well. When it ended Elin had 175 % of the amount she applied for. This was a huge help. But this was not enough to finance the whole project, so she also applied for grants from culture funds, public institutions, municipalities and private companies.

With a big chunk of her own savings also, she managed to get enough money to be able to record four more songs arranged by Enzo De Rosa, and recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and the Faroese choir Tarira and in addition to prepare a big concert and honorary event for her father at his 90th birthday.

Elin was extremely proud when the honor concert finally came true. The event took place in the Nordic House in Tórshavn for a full house – around 450 people – on November 12th, 2022, on her father’s birthday, where she was able to perform six songs with the Faroe Islands Symphony Orchestra and the choirs Tarira and Tórshavnar Manskór – and with herself as the lead vocalist. In addition to the music there were also several interviews with different people about her father as well as readings of excerpts from her father’s literature in between the music performances.

When this exciting evening ended all the participants on the stage got a standing ovation from the audience. Elin could not be happier.

Her are small excerpts from the concert:

Kringvarp Føroya, the National TV & Radio recorded the whole event on video. And at easter in the spring of 2023, Kringvarp Føroya, the Public National TV, broadcasted the honor concert for Jens Pauli Heinesen – in two parts on April 6th and April 7th, 2023.

The recordings of the four new songs by Elin and with lyrics by her father were made in the summer of 2022. The plan was to release the album with these four songs, as well as Sóleyan and Eitt dýpi av dýrari tíð, on the same day as the honor concert took place, but the failed. It took much longer to work on the mixing of the recordings than Elin had anticipated. To be exact almost a whole year longer. So Elin postponed the release to the year after – to her father’s 91st birthday on November 12th, 2023.

Read more about the album HERE.


In the summer of 2023 Elin played more than 20 living room concerts for tourists together with guitarist Eyðun Mohr Hansen at home in her own living room under the title F’LJÓÐ Living Room Concerts & Literary Evenings. Read more about these concerts HERE.

In addition, Elin and Eyðun also played two living room concerts for full houses at the event called “Húsagongd” that took place in the village of Sandavágur on May 6.

Her are some photos from the living room concert at the Húsagongd event in Sandavágur May 6, 2023:


In the summer 2023 Elin also played several concerts with a whole band consisting of Eyðun Mohr Hansen on guitar, Edvard Nyholm Debess on bass and Rógvi á Rógvu on drums. Two of the concerts were part of the Summartónar 2023 program.

Here is a video recording from the concert in Café Eðge in Mikladalur on June 8th:


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Here is an video recording from the concert in SALT in Tvøroyri on June 9th made by a person in the audience, Rúni Thomsen:

The band also gave a concert in Maggie’s in Nólsoy on Saturday evening, September 2nd, but they ended up being a trio instead of a quartet, because the drummer fell ill in the last minute and could not make it.

Elin Brimheim Heinesen Trio in Café Maggie’s in Nólsoy Saturday evening September 2023:

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