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Where do the F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concerts take place?

F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concerts take place in the heart of Tórshavn in Magnus Heinasonar gøta 8 close to Vágsbotn, the small boat harbor.

How many guests can you accommodate at one time?

There is room for up to 34 guests. However, there have been up to 38 guests at one time, but then it is very cramped. The ideal number is between 15 and 30 guests.

Is anything other than music included in the experience?

Yes. In addition to the music, coffee, tea and cake are served to the guests. No extra cost. And then the host, Elin Brimheim Heinesen, usually reads excerpts to the guests from, mostly, her father’s literature, the Faroese author Jens Pauli Heinesen. It can be in Faroese, Danish or English, depending on which of the three languages the guests understand best. This part of the evening is usually quite popular.

How long does a F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concert last?

A F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concert usually begins at 8pm and ends at 10pm – incl. a break of 15-20 minutes, where coffee, tea and cakes are served. The musicians play two sets of around 30-40 minutes. In addition, there is a reading of excerpts from Faroese literature, which lasts approx. 5-10 minutes – just after the break and before the musicians play the second set.

Who are the musicians playing?

First of all, it is Elin herself who sings and plays the guitar together with her partner, Eyðun Mohr Hansen, guitarist.

Here are also some sound recordings from one of Elin’s living room concerts, so that you get an impression of how the concert might sound.

If there is a specific desire for it, other Faroese singers/musicians can play a concert as well. Faroese musicians tend to be kind to play a living room concert if asked. But some of them demand a higher fee than there is income for, so it is not always certain that you can get exactly the singer/musician you want.


Is it possible to book a F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concerts for a group of people?

Yes, groups are welcome. Elin has organised public living room concerts since 2012 and concerts specifically and exclusively for travel companies since 2014. Travel companies usually send groups of around 20-30 guests per living room concert. If the group is larger, it can be divided, where two concerts are arranged in one evening. One half of the group can e.g. eat at a restaurant e.g. from 18:00, while the other half is at the concert. And then they switch around at 20:00. Some travel companies book concerts already a year in advance, so it is important to book early to be sure of getting the days you most want.

Is it possible to book F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concerts on the dates and times that best suit our group?

Yes, when it comes to groups, it is possible to make an agreement to book living room concerts on a day of the week and at a time of day that suits your group – with the proviso that it does not conflict with other agreements. Generally, it is most ideal to arrange living room concerts in the evening at eight o’clock. But if you have a wish for other times, you can make an agreement in advance to move the concerts to other times according to your wish (with reservations).

Is it possible for the group to have something else to eat and drink other than coffee, tea and cake?

The surroundings are not ideal, as there is too little space in the living room to set up tables. However, it can be arranged by agreement that smaller groups e.g. can get nordic ‘smørrebrød’. But it must be ordered in advance, and of course it costs extra. If you want this option, it is important to give notice of this at least two days before the concert takes place, so that preparations can be made for this. In that case, the guests must also choose in advance what kind of ‘smørrebrød’ they want, so that it can be ordered and ready for the guests when they come to the living room concert. Eg. Bitin.fo has good and exciting ‘smørrebrød’ in the style they call New Nordic Style – i.a. with Faroese delicacies, made in a way that appeals to foreigners.

Here you can see Bitin.fo’s selection.


If I book a F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concert for a group, how much does it cost?

Normally, payment is made per guest. For living room concerts, booked for groups, the price per guest depends on how many guests are in the group.

  • If there are 12 to 20 guests, the minimum price per guest DKK 250
  • If there are 20 to 30 guests or more, there is a discount, so the price comes down to DKK 240 per person.
  • If there are fewer than 12 guests, each individual guest must pay that much more, so that we reach a minimum of DKK 3,000 in total for the whole group.

To be able to arrange a living room concert, the gross income must be at least DKK 3,000 if it is to be worthwhile. The amount must be enough to cover expenses for preparation, fees for musicians, purchase of coffee, tea, cakes, napkins, paper cups, plates and cutlery, cleaning and expenses for electricity consumption and tax.

Does this mean that you can book a living room concert only for two guests if they pay DKK 1,500 each? Or for four guests if they pay DKK 750 each? And for eight guests, if they pay DKK 275 each? Etc.

Exactly. It can easily be done.

If I don’t want to book an entire living room concert, but just want to bring a few guests to another already planned living room concert, is that possible?

You can always contact Elin to find out if there is room in an already planned living room concert. So don’t hesitate to ask. Go to this page to find out how.

Do you pay in advance, on the spot or afterwards?

Bills for booked living room concerts for groups are sent after the concerts.

What if we have to cancel the concert? Do we have to pay anything?

If the concert is canceled five working days before the concert or more, no invoice will be sent. If the concert is canceled less than five working days before the concert, an invoice of DKK 1,500 will be sent. The payment method is stated on the invoice.


Where can I get more information about F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concerts?

In the brochure below there are many photos from F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR living room concerts and a complete program for a typical living room concert:

For more info about current events, please go to F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR’s facebook-page.

Or to F’LJÓÐ KVØLDSETUR’s concert tickets page.

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